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Scaling Presentation Switch with 5 inputs

The MS51 and MS51AP are 5x1 scaling presentation switchers with 3 HDMI en 2 VGA/analoge inputs. All inputs are scaled to HDMI-output and the HDBaseT-output on the MS51AP. The output resolution can be set from 1024x768 to 1920x1200. 
The HDMI-inputs support HDPC and CEC-functions with control of the switcher being available via RS232, frontpanel and auto-switchmode. The VGA inputs are compatible with VGA, YPbPr and composite sources.


3 HDMI inputs

2 VGA/YPbPr/Composite inputs

1 HDMI scaled Output

Scaling 1024x768 to 1920x1200

5 audio inputs

Dimensions: W x H = 220 x 44mm

Powersupply: 12V


The MS51AP also features a microphone input with 48V and line input switch, an HDBaseT uotput and local IR device control.

Bi-directional RS232 and 2-way IR is transmitted over the HDBaseT output to the HDBT70P reciever. The HDBaseT suppotrs PoC (power over cable) technology, removing the need for a power supply at the receiever end.

Quick comparisson

3x HDMI in**
2x VGA in**
5x audio in**
Mic In-*
IR out-*
HDMI out**
HDBaseT out-*
RS232 control**
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